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Are you looking for up-to-date soccer betting lines and odds? Gain access to wagering on all major soccer leagues from around the world, such as England’s Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga among others.

How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer betting is the equivalent of NFL betting in regions such as Europe, Asia and Latin America. While it isn’t as big in the U.S. as it is in Europe, there is some similarity between soccer wagering and wagering on other sports.

In particular, Betting on Soccer is similar to betting on the NHL, as it uses the so-called money line, described further. One major difference between soccer wagering and other sports is the possibility to bet on a tie in addition to betting on either one of the teams. In case you place a wager on one of the teams, and the game ends as a tie, you lose the bet.

Soccer Betting Lines

Soccer betting lines are usually presented like this:
Manchester United – 155
Draw + 200
Paris Saint Germain + 250

If a bettor picks Manchester United, they will risk $155 to win $100, while those who pick the Paris stand to win $250 for every $100 wagered. Those who go for the Draw will risk $100 for the chance to win $200. Pretty simple, right? However, there are certain occasions when both teams are listed as underdogs if there is a high possibility of a draw. Soccer lines in this case will look like this:

Real Madrid + 130
Draw – 210
Valencia+ 115

Betting on the Game Score

Players are also allowed to bet on the total number of goals, i. e. on over or under the game total.

For example, if the number listed in the total is 1.5, both teams would need to score at least two goals in order for a bettor to win the “over” bet, and no more than one goal in order to win on the “under”.

And don’t forget about proposition bets, such as the team to score first, the player to score first, or the team winning the first half. These can be really profitable for experienced soccer fans.

Soccer betting odds and lines for the most popular soccer leagues around the world, including Italia Serie A, German Bundesliga and England Premier League.

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