College Basketball Odds – Bet NCAA Basketball Lines

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College Basketball Odds - Bet NCAA Basketball Lines

College Basketball Odds – Bet NCAA Basketball Lines

There are currently no lines available for this sport. Either there are no odds open to bet on, or the sport is not in season at this time. You can check back soon or bet on any of the online sportsbook lines and betting odds listed below:

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College Basketball Betting Overview

With college basketball comes one of the largest, most important betting events of the year, the NCAA Tournament. Before wagering on a single college basketball game, make sure to check out our betting tips and a refresher on particular wager types.

Top 5 Betting Tips for College Basketball Season

1. On the road again
Great cover teams in college hoops tend to beat spreads on the road with aplomb while covering only slightly at home. So much emphasis is given to home teams that they tend to be over bet.

2. The Regular Season is NOT the NCAA Tournament
This goes without writing, but college basketball betting fans should burn it into their brains, the NCAA Tournament is not the same as the NCAAB Regular Season. Case in point? Connecticut, who finished third in the AAC standings in 2014, managed to win the entire tournament. One of Connecticut’s losses was a 48 to 81 drubbing at the hands of Louisville less than a month before holding up the tournament trophy.

3. Live Bet your games
Live betting college basketball games can be even more profitable than live betting football games. In college hoops, a home team down 10 points or more at half-time will usually make a run to cut into their opponents lead. Also, as always, Live Betting can be a good hedge against bad wagers.

4. Defense is the key
Defense is the key to winning in college basketball. It’s easy to find a top shooter. It’s easy to run and gun, but pressing and getting turnovers, getting more possessions than your opponent is the key to winning.

5. It’s about coaching and players
In college hoops you have to have players and coaches. You can’t have one or the other. A combination of power players and a great coaching staff is almost a guarantee of success when betting on NCAA basketball games.

How to Bet on College Basketball

College Basketball Spread Betting
Spread betting is the traditional way to wager on college basketball games. In most cases, the betting line will look something like this:
  • Arizona -6 -110
  • UCLA +6 -110
What this means is that if you like Arizona you lay 6 points at -110. For every $110 that you invest, your potential profit is $100 should Arizona win by at least 7 points. If you like UCLA, you take the 6 points. If Arizona wins by only 5, you win your wager if you bet on UCLA and lose if you bet on Arizona.

Moneyline Betting
Moneyline betting simply means to put money on the team that you think will win the game straight up. For example, if the odds on Arizona are -300 on the moneyline than for every $300 that you wager, the potential profit will be $100. If the moneyline odds on UCLA in our example are +250, then for every $100 you wager on UCLA, your potential profit is $250.

College Basketball Totals
Betting on College Basketball Totals simply means to wager over or under a specific total points scored number. Let’s say that the total on Arizona versus UCLA is 126.5. If you bet over the total, you only win your wager if the total score is 127 or higher. If you bet under the total, you only win your wager if the total score is 126 or lower.

College Basketball Prop Betting
A college basketball prop bet is any wager that isn’t tied into who wins the game, like a moneyline wager, the total score, like a College Basketball Total wager, or a traditional against the spread wager. College Basketball Prop betting includes wagers like how many points a particular player will accumulate during the game or which coach will call the first time out.

Parlay Betting
Parlay betting is simply putting together two or more bets into a single wager so that the outcome of all bets is related to each other. An example is below:
  • Arizona -6
  • Connecticut +8
  • Over Total Arizona vs. UCLA 126.5
The above is a 3-Team (Wager) College Basketball Parlay Bet. You have to win all three bets to win the parlay. This is why parlay bets pay out more than individual bets.

Teaser Betting
College Basketball Teaser bets are wagers where one or more bets are directly related to each other, like a parlay bet, but teaser wagers give you the added benefit of moving the line. Let’s take the Parlay Betting example and illustrate a 6-Point College Basketball Teaser Bet.

  • Arizona -6
  • Connecticut +8
  • Over Total Arizona vs. UCLA 126.5
In our 6-Point College Basketball Teaser bet Arizona “gets” 6 points. Arizona’s line changes to even, 6 -6 = 0. Connecticut gets 6 points. Connecticut’s line changes to +14. The Total in the Arizona vs. UCLA game was 126.5. We liked the over. In our 6-Point College Basketball bet, the line changes from 126.5 to 120.5, 126.5 – 6 = 120.5. Teaser bets will never pay out more than parlay wagers because you always change the line.