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NBA Odds & Betting Lines for All the Games offers NBA betting odds and picks for all the basketball games throughout the season including the Playoffs and Finals. So remember, if you are looking for NBA odds, find them here along with betting props for each game and for all the season.

NBA Betting News
See the latest NBA betting tips, tournament previews, and news from the expert tipsters here at Xbet Basketbal News.

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NBA basketball betting lines are live throughout the season. Daily, multi-team parlays, teasers and straight bets will keep you thundering through the season, so get ready to hammer the hardwood with Xbet. We are your home for NBA basketball betting.

NBA Betting Overview

The NBA Season officially kicks off in late October and early November and usually ends by May. It’s one of the shortest off-seasons for any of the major sports in the United States, this means NBA lines are usually available for the most part of the year.

Top 5 NBA Betting Tips

1. Bad teams, great ATS teams
NBA bettors tend to over emphasis the ability of good NBA teams to cover spreads against bad NBA teams. A losing team doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not great at covering betting spreads. Look for teams with key scoring players.

2. NBA squads do take the night off
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The season is an 82 game slog with an incredibly long playoffs season and then a tough NBA Finals series. Teams will take the night off. Sometimes, a team will take a night off and shove it in everybody’s faces like when San Antonio’s Greg Popovich benches Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and tells the world exactly what he’s going to do. Hey, it worked.

3. Live Bet your games
Live betting NBA games can be as profitable as live betting college hoops or football games. Basketball is a game of runs. You’ve probably heard that statement. Take advantage of those runs by live betting.

4. Defense is the key
Defense not only wins championships but it also helps teams cover spreads. Charlotte, who was the second best covering team in the NBA back in 2013, ranked fourth in total points allowed per game and sixth in field goal percentage allowed per game. Phoenix, the best team against the spread that same season and one of the best three-point shooting teams in the NBA, was also one of the best teams in the NBA against the three-point shot. They ranked second in that defensive category.

5. As opposed to college hoops, it’s about the players during the NBA regular season
Once the playoffs come around, coaching becomes increasingly important, but without the players, teams have trouble covering in games. Look for teams with high-scoring players, they are fundamental to placing bets when you are looking to cover the spread.

How to Bet on NBA Basketball

NBA Basketball Spread Betting
Spread betting is the traditional way to wager on college basketball games. In most cases, the betting line will look something like this:
  • Phoenix -6
  • Miami +6
What this means is that if you like Phoenix you lay 6 points at -110. For every $110 that you invest, you’re potential profit is $100 should Phoenix win by at least 7 points. If you like Miami, you take the 6 points. If Phoenix wins by only 5, you win your wager if you bet on Miami and lose if you bet on Phoenix.

Moneyline Betting
Moneyline betting simply means to put money on the team that you think will win the game straight up. For example, if the odds on Phoenix are -300 on the moneyline for every $300 that you wager, the potential profit will be $100. If the moneyline odds on Miami in our example are +250, then for every $100 you wager on Phoenix, your potential profit is $250.

NBA Basketball Totals
Betting on NBA Basketball Totals simply means to wager over or under a specific total points scored number. Let’s say that the total on Phoenix versus Miami is 198.5. If you bet over the total, you only win your wager if the total score is 19 or higher. If you bet under the total, you only win your wager if the total score is 198 or lower.

NBA Basketball Prop Betting
An NBA basketball prop bet is any wager that isn’t tied into who wins the game, like a moneyline wager, the total score, like an NBA Total wager, or a traditional against the spread wager. NBA Prop betting includes wagers like how many points a particular player will accumulate during the game or which coach will call the first time out.

Parlay Betting
Parlay betting is simply putting together two or more bets into a single wager so that the outcome of all bets is related to each other. An example is below:
  • San Antonio -6
  • Dallas +8
  • Over Total San Antonio vs. Miami 198.5
The above is a 3-Team(Wager) College Basketball Parlay Bet. You have to win all three bets to win the parlay. This is why parlay bets pay out more than individual bets.

Teaser Betting
NBA Basketball Teaser bets are wagers where one or more bets are directly related to each other, like a parlay bet, but teaser wagers give you the added benefit of moving the line. Let’s take the Parlay Betting example and illustrate a 6-Point NBA teaser:
  • San Antonio -6
  • Dallas +8
  • Over Total San Antonio vs. Miami 198.5
In our 6-Point College Basketball Teaser bet San Antonio “gets” 6 points. San Antonio’s line changes to even, 6-6 = 0. Dallas gets 6 points. Dallas’s line changes to +14. The Total in the San Antonio vs. Miami game is 198.5. We liked the over. In our 6-Point NBA Basketball Teaser Bet, the line changes from 198.5 to 192.5, 198.5 – 6 = 192.5. Teaser bets will never pay out more than parlay wagers because you always change the line. Action Center: Login | Join Now

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